Auto Maker Negligence
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Customer Expectations & Auto Recalls

An automobile is a big investment for anyone. When you buy a new car, truck, or SUV, it’s reasonable for you to expect it to be fully functional and safe. However, sometimes manufacturers learn about a faulty part or system only after a vehicle is widely circulated to the general public. When faulty parts or systems can lead to potential harm, manufacturers usually issue a recall.

What Are Defects and Recalls

Defects are problems with a vehicle that keep it from functioning safely or reliably, such as faulty brakes. A recall is when a manufacturer lets the public know about a defect and urges buyers to return the affected vehicles. Recalls are usually voluntary. In some cases, a manufacturer may just have consumers bring vehicles into a dealership for repairs to get them up to spec.

How Do You Find Out About Recalls?

When you purchase certain products, you usually have an option to register those products. This allows the manufacturer to contact you in the event of a recall. Some dealerships may also reach out to you if they know your vehicle is affected by a recall and the defect is a safety hazard. Another way to learn about them is to simply research them online.

Accidents Caused By A Recalled Defect

If you don’t know about a defect or recall and continue to drive your vehicle, you could be just fine or you could be putting yourself at risk. If you happen to get into an accident related to the reason for the recall, you can consult with an accident attorney to see what your options are. A lawyer may be able to help you prove your case and receive compensation.

What Should consumers Do About A Recall?

It is a good idea to make yourself aware of vehicular defects and recalls for your own safety. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for returning or repairing the vehicle. You will typically be compensated in the case of a return. If you do happen to suffer an accident before learning about a recall, the manufacturer may be responsible for damages.